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We must bring more to the table!

Using the principals of Biblical women to find success


Proverbs 22:29 says “Do you see a man who excels, he will not stand before mere men, he will stand before kings”

IT was more than just Esther’s beauty that captured the Kings heart and got his attention! It was her gentle countenance, humble demeanour and how she carried herself with dignity and grace that caused the King to select her as Queen out of many! She was simple yet profound, unassuming but powerful, an orphan and a foreigner but with a powerful destiny! She exceled among all the other women! 

It was more than just Joseph just being handsome that made Pharoah promote him! It was the wisdom in which he spoke and the strategy he gave for the nation of Egypt to be preserved in the time of famine! He was humble but dynamic, young but mature with a great sense of purpose and destiny. Everything he went through was preparation to be a mighty deliverer to nations. 

He was well prepared, experienced and skilled to be a great leader! Pharoah chose Joseph to be a Prime Minister because he exceled among many!

It was more than just Ruth’s good looks that mesmerized Boaz when he saw her in his field! 

It was her work ethic, diligence and loyalty to Naomi that made Boaz choose her to be his wife! Boaz noticed her out of so many workers, he had seen all kinds of women but Ruth stood out! She was solid, stable and seasoned, she left her own land to go to a new land, new culture, new language and new people that takes courage! 

Ruth was the type of wife Boaz was looking for! She excelled among all potential candidates! 

It was more than just being young and strong that made Daniel, Shadrack, Meshack and Abednego stand out in front of the King! It was their wisdom, insight, skill and steadfastness that distinguished them for promotion among their peers! They were principled, disciplined and refused to lower their standard even for the King! Their integrity, sincerity and high standard caused them to serve Kings! They distinguished themselves and exceled among other young men!

Our God is an Excellent God and if He is Excellent God He deserves the very BEST from us.

I am allergic to mediocrity and being average! 

I love to be outstanding as I offer God my Service. There is a high price to pay for Excellence, it’s not always easy, it will cost you your time, great effort, initiative, resources and much more! The bottom line is Our God is an Excellent God and everything we do must be done in a Spirit or Excellence Honouring and glorifying God.

Readers I pray I have helped, inspired, instructed, redirected and challenged someone reading this to love God, live for Him and serve Him!

We are in a New Season and in this New Season we must bring MORE to the table! Let’s bring Wisdom, Knowledge, Skill, Strategy and Maturity in our homes, work places, businesses, churches, communities and nation. With this type of mentality we will NOT remain at the same level! 

It shall surely be a NEW LEVEL in this NEW SEASON! 

Prophetess Mwaka Twagirayesu, LL.B, M.A. – President/Visionary of Fresh Aroma International Ministry, USA

Biography Prophetess Mwaka

Prophetess Mwaka Twagirayesu is an International Conference Speaker, Leadership Developer, Corporate Trainer, Lawyer, Author, TV & Radio personality, Spiritual Mother and Mentor to many.

She is the Founder & CEO of Fresh Aroma International Ministry, an Apostolic and Prophetic Ministry anointed to release healing, restoration and transformation to this generation through the preaching of The Word of God and demonstration of the power of God. 

Prophetess Mwaka is married to Apostle Darius Twagirayesu and they reside in Dallas, Texas, USA with their five miracle children. 

She is Zambian and Apostle Darius is Rwandese. They both have a great love and passion for the continent of Africa as evidenced by the many outreaches through conferences, crusades, leadership training and helping the underprivileged etc. in Zambia and East Africa.

Prophetess Mwaka is a prolific preacher with great insight and revelation of the Word of God with and Prophetic Voice to this generation. She has travelled all over the USA, Europe, East Africa, Southern Africa and as far as Kuwait preaching the gospel with signs and wonders following. Multitudes have been saved, healed, delivered, impacted and transformed through The Holy Spirit following through her. Her love for God and Gods people is evident and her zeal and passion for the advancement of the Kingdom is contagious. 

She  is passionate about people coming out of complacency and mediocrity and becoming the people of power, purpose and destiny they were created to be. She is the founder of The School of Excellence Mentorship program and Fresh Aroma Embassy Church, Kabulonga, Lusaka.  She also hosts the bi-annual Distinguished Women’s Conference at Government Complex, Lusaka which attracts over 1000 women 

She has been on Radio Christian Voice for the last 10 years; you can listen to her Destiny Moment program every Sunday 17.30 hours and on One Love Radio on Uplifting Morning every day 6am. 

She has made many appearances on Enter In program and Woman 360 on ZNBC, Breakfast with the Honeyz on MuviTV, TBN and on Revelation TV. Through media she has made a tremendous impact in Zambia.

You can follow her on Facebook @Prophetess Mwaka Fresh Aroma Ministry, Instagram @Prophetess Mwaka and YouTube @Prophetess Mwaka



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