Missing woman found

...After being assaulted, left for dead when hiking Serenje

File Photo: Elina Mwewa holding a photo of Mirriam Chisenga after she went missing


A FEMALE of Lusaka’s Lilanda area identified as Mirriam Chisenga who was abducted and left for dead last week as she together with her sister tried to hike a lift to Serenje at Mandeveu Junction has been found, he niece has confirmed.

Elita Sakala, a resident of Lilanda compound said her aunt Mirriam Chisenga was found in unconscious state in the same area where well-wishers picked up her mother.

In an interview, Ms Sakala said her aunt who was in a critical condition was picked by a Good Samaritan.

“We want to thank God that our Aunt was found on 10th June by good Samaritans, who picked her at the area where my mother was found. She was rushed to Matero Level one hospital where they attended to her wounds and transferred her to the University Teaching Hospital (UTH),” she said.  

Earlier this week, Elina Mwewa, mother to Elita had narrated to The Sun how she and her sister attempted to get a lift to Serenje to attend a funeral, but later awoke alone on a roadside after being assaulted in unclear circumstances. 

She explained that she and her sister were going for a funeral in Serenje District last week on Tuesday when they were attacked.

“We left home around 16:00 hours so that we could find a vehicle which was going to Serenjeat Mandevu junction. We waited up to around 20:00 hours when two men who were driving stopped and asked us where we were going.

“We told them we were going to Serenje for a funeral, they told us to get in the car and that they were going to the same area,“she narrated.

Ms Mwelwa said before the car could start off from Mandevu junction, one of the men in the car said they would first visit his sister and after some time, they made a u-turn to Chingwerecemetery. 

“I asked where they were taking us and they said needed to talk to their sister before we could proceed to Serenje District. 

“Before long, I do not know what happened and how I was beaten, I was just picked by well-wishers in Kabangwe area at a nearby bush and we have not found my sister from the time the incident happened,” she said.

She said the well-wishers took her to Chingwere Clinic.

Ms Mwewa said she could still notrecall what happened to her and had been living in fear, not knowing what had become of her young sister.

However, Ms Chisenga was later found in an unconscious state and was eventually transferred to UTH where she is receiving medical attention.


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