Rest of the Premier League season could be a ‘TV event’: And it’s a massive cause of concern


The Premier League is desperately wanting to wrap up the remainder of its matches and they might end up doing so as a ‘TV event’.

Right now 92 matches are left to be played in the current season and as per The Times, the authorities are looking to play out these matches at a neutral venue like Wembley – possibly three or four matches in a single day.

The Premier League remains suspended indefinitely but they do have plans to return back sometime in June meaning there will be a very short window of opportunity to finish the matches.

And now as per the report, the games will solely be played as TV events meaning they will have to cramp together as many games as possible.

‘By June or July they will be playing games solely as TV events,’ the source told The Times, via Daily Mail.

‘If they have to play four games a day at Wembley to get it done, they will do that.’

This will be a bit of a problem for all the teams since they might have to end up playing three or even four matches in one week. But right now they do not have much of a choice.

Crystal Palace manager Roy Hodgson has admitted that everyone will have to make a number of massive adjustments but the league should be finished up at any cost.

But for this to happen, the players need to be back to full fitness which at this moment seems to be a massive problem for a number of clubs.

Most teams are planning to return back to training sometime next month but they still have to chalk out a plan on how they intend to secure and sanitize their training grounds.

Another major issue for the Premier League sides is that playing so many matches in such a short period of time will mean that the outcomes will be nothing short of gambles.

Also, if they decide to play the matches at a neutral venue like Wembley then accommodating the teams will be a big headache for the authorities as they would not only have to keep in mind the security of everyone involved but will also have to make sure that the virus has no chance of entering or spreading in these areas.


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