Niece ordered to pay uncle outstanding debt


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A LUSAKA couple has been ordered by the Boma Local Court to settle the K1,450 debt it owes its uncle.

Boyd Sichinga of Matero sued Dominic Lutanga and his wife Mwila Lutanga for owing him the money in question

The three were appearing before magistrate Prudence Bwalya.

Sichinga told the court that part of the money was borrowed in 2014.

“Mwila asked me for a K450 in 2014 and she told me that it was for her husband’s NATEC exams I went to their home and gave it to them. The day she called me to give it back I was unavailable,

 “I called her after some time to ask about the money but she said they also have problems. Last year I  again asked for my money but Mwila she did not expect me to ask her for the money because I am her uncle. I just want them to pay back the debt,”said Sichinga

The two admitted to owing a K1,000 and not K1,450.

“My wife was at school in 2015 and she had a short fall. She asked for some money and Sichinga gave her K450, he recently told my wife that their relation had ended and he started asking for his money,

“He would come to my work place  and I kept telling him that I would give him on July 8 2019 but I was unable to. I even communicated that to him and that’s when he brought a call out for me. I can be paying him K150 monthly,” said Dominic”.

Mwila told the court that she thought the K450 was a gift and not credit.

“I had a shortfall of K1,000 at school and I told my husband I would ask from my uncle who later gave me a K450 then in March I asked for a K1,000 and he gave me but now he wants us to give him a K1,450 said Mwila”.

Bu the court said when one owed someone it should not even reach court. “Be grateful, don’t take it for granted the money will be paid back in three installments,” said magistrate Bwalya.


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