Chinese loses debt case


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IT WAS not a happy day for the Chinese national when the Lusaka Boma Local Court dismissed a case in which he had sued a man of Kabanana Township claiming that he owed him K4,500 for an injector pump he had taken from his company.

Han Yin, 60, of Libala residential area took William Sikazwe, 51, to court over the auto part.

He told senior local court magistrate Freda Mugala, Sikazwe took an injector pump from his company about six months ago and had still not paid for the part.

“I didn’t go direct to his house but I sent my worker, Victor, to put it in his car. Victor showed me this man’s house as our client because he is the one who fitted the injector pump in his car,” Han said. 

“This was after he agreed that he would pay after two months but didn’t pay.”

Another time when Han called Sikazwe, he said he was in Solwezi but promised to pay on his return.

It has been six months since the injector pump was put in his car and Han wanted the court to help him to get his money for it.

Sikazwe, however, denied even knowing Han or ever having done business with him.

“My car had a problem, so I called Victor. He told me he had an injector pump which he could put for me. I was in the Copperbelt at the time but he passed through home and put it in my car,” he said.

“When I came back to Lusaka, I drove the car for about a week and it started having problems again. I started calling Victor who was hard to reach,” Sikazwe testified.

When he finally managed to talk to him, they agreed to meet in town but when Sikazwe got to town Victor’s number became unreachable.

“It’s like he swindled me,” he said.

Sikazwe said he had never spoken to Han on the phone or at any time because it was Victor he had been dealing with all the time.

The next day after he failed to get in touch with Victor, Sikazwe just received a summons from Han.

Magistrate Mugala dismissed the claim and advised that the right person Han was supposed to sue was Victor, who had gone behind his back and engaged in insincere dealings using his equipment.


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