Man in panic after ‘night nurse’ he refused to pay ‘bewitches’ him


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Mombasa – A middle aged man in Likoni, Mombasa, plans to travel to neighbouring Tanzania to seek the help of a famed witchdoctor. This is after an elderly sex worker allegedly cast a spell on him, which has seemingly rendered his sex organ useless, at least in the bedroom.

The man, Isaac Karisa, has informed his family and close friends of his impending trip to Moshi, accompanied by one of his five brothers who has told him that that is the only place his problem can be solved.

The man’s troubles, according to this brother who is to link him up with the witchdoctor, started when he refused to pay an elderly prostitute he had spent a night with in a local guest house.

“My brother had spent one evening making merry and drinking in a local pub and was totally inebriated when he met this woman. She approached him and offered a night of pleasure if he only he could pay her Sh1,000,” the brother, who identified himself as Sammy, told Crazy Monday.

According to his own version of events, although the night nurse was ready and willing to accord her customer a wild romp till morning, he was too drunk to accomplish the task and fell into a deep slumber after less than five minutes.

“When he woke up at around six in the morning, to his shock, he found out that his sleeping partner for the night was an elderly looking woman. She had put on a wig and in his drunken state he could not tell the difference,” Sammy said.

Karisa refused to part with the thousand shillings he had promised and instead fished out a Sh200 note which the sex worker would not take, insisting that he stick to his earlier promise. A scuffle ensued, with the woman mumbling gibberish and hurling incantations, aimed at jinxing the man.

“She said a lot of stuff, some inaudible, aimed at making my manhood to malfunction. I ignored this and slithered away, but weeks later I can’t rise to the occasion,” said Karisa.



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