Brother-in-law loses compensation claim


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THE Chilenje Local Court has dismissed a case of defamation of character because of lack of evidence.

Bettina Lungwalo, 50, of Matero Township was sued by Joseph Kamboye, 60, of Chunga Township for defamation of character.

Kamboye said he was living in Chingola and came to Lusaka in 2017 for spiritual healing.

“I was very sick and couldn’t walk and that’s why I decided to come to Lusaka for spiritual help. I came to stay at my elder brother’s house. I started having attacks in the dreams when I slept,” he said.

Kamboye said the same evil powers that used to haunt him in Chingola attacked him.

He said he explained to his brother what he had dreamt while his sister-in-law was listening outside.

“She came into the room and said there was no such thing as witchcraft. My elder brother decided to call a witchdoctor to the house to resolve the problem,” Kamboye said.

He said he started having disputes with his sister-in-law in the house. “My clothes would go missing in the house.  When I complained my sister-in-law would get upset. My brother then divorced her,” Kamboye said.

He said he had sued his sister-in-law because she had accused him of ending her marriage with his brother.

“Her accusations have caused problems between me and their children. They don’t respect me or consider me to be their uncle. They even insult me. I want the court to help me clear my name because I was not the cause of their separation,” Kamboye said.

The two were appearing before senior local court magistrate Ackim Phiri.

Lungwalo said the issue started when Kamboye’s work suit went missing from the house.

She said Kamboye accused one of the children of stealing the work suit.

“He continued claiming his things going missing in the house. He believes in witchcraft powers. I have not seen my brother-in-law ever since his brother divorced me,” Lungwalo said.

She said Kamboye was lying because she had never spoken to him since she left her house.  “I said he had brought problems in our marriage, but I never accused him of ending our marriage,” she said.

The court dismissed the case and reconciled them.


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