2 nabbed for human trafficking


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…the Zambians were intercepted with two Congolese boys

TWO Zambians have been arrested in Western Province for alleged human trafficking.

Department of Immigration public relations officer Namati Nshinka named the suspects as Davies Chewe, 35, and Josephine Kanyanga, 32, both Zambians, who were intercepted at Katima Mulilo border control on May 25, 2019 by immigration officers after they tried to traffic two Congolese boys into Namibia. 

The Zambians were charged with the offence of human trafficking and the case has been forwarded to the National Prosecutions Authority for further action.

The Zambians are detained at Sesheke State Correctional Facility while the Congolese juveniles are in the department’s custody.

And the Department of Immigration between May 24 and 30, 2019 apprehended 113 suspects for various immigration offences countrywide, including 49 in Lusaka alone.

Among those apprehended in the operation were 27 Burundians, 17 Tanzanians and two Rwandese.

Others included one Turk, one Chinese and a Zambian for obstruction.

In another development, seven Congolese, six Tanzanians, two Ghanaians, two Burundians and one South Korean.

The suspects were arrested for failing to observe conditions in their permits, illegal possession of passports and national registration cards and for being in possession of passport bearing a fake endorsement, besides unlawful presence.

And a Zambian was apprehended for practicing illegal immigration consultancy and another for obstructing an officer in the execution of official duty.

During this period the department also secured 55 convictions.

The convicts received sentences of fines ranging between K100 to K 9,000 or in default two to 12 months imprisonment.

These were 13 Malawians, 11 Zimbabweans, a Congolese and a Tanzanian, all convicted for unlawful entry.

Those convicted of unlawful presence were eight Congolese, seven Ugandans, two Burundian and Rwandese.

During the same period the department removed 22 illegal immigrants from the country and refused entry to four persons who failed to meet entry requirements for Zambia.


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