Irresponsible husband shown the door


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A MAN of Kalingalinga Township in Lusaka has divorced his wife at the Boma Local Court for nagging him into heavy beer drinking.

Tangu Nyendwa, 36, told senior local court magistrate Martha Tembo that he married Mary Kaonga, 31, in 2006 and that problems started in the third year of their marriage when she lost respect for him.

Nyendwa told the court that his wife was dirty and careless and did not like to perform chores around the house.

“When I come home around 18:00 hours that’s when she would start washing the plates and trying to clean the house. She leaves relish in the pot until it goes bad and when I confront her she insults me,” he said.

Nyendwa said his wife had also caused problems between him and his workmates, which had affected his work.

“Most times I’d come home to insults. She would threaten me and shout at me in public. One day in town she threatened to get me beaten up by call-boys. I have no peace in my house and her behaviour is what led me to start drinking beer,” he said.

Kaonga responded that problems in their marriage started long ago when her husband started having problems at his place of work.

“He was dealing in phones at the place he was working. Many times there were complaints that he had got people’s phones. One of the people he works with called me to tell me my husband caused a lot of problems at work because of losing people’s phones. He even had to stop working there,” Kaonga said.

She said the problems continued at her husband’s new place of work and clients even used to go to their house to look for him because of the phones he used to lose.

“Many times when people came home to look for him I wouldn’t know what to say because whenever I talked to him he would tell me I shouldn’t involve myself in his work issues. He would tell me I’m disrespectful whenever I asked. The landlord for the shop he was operating in chased him because of the same problems,” she said.

Kaonga said they shifted from the house they were living in but the problems persisted because he became an absentee husband and father.

“He didn’t care about me and the kids anymore. He even stopped paying school fees. He always said he had no money. He went to work in Chilanga. First, he would disappear for three or four days without bringing anything home until he just went for good one time,” Kaonga said.

She said even his relatives did not know where he was and one day when she finally managed to contact him, he promised to return home but never did.

“I tried to even lie to him that our child had been bashed. But he still didn’t come home. His phone even went off. When his brother passed where he said he was working from, he wasn’t there. To date I don’t know where he stays,” Kaonga said.

The court found that Nyendwa was the one who had caused the problems in their marriage.

Magistrate Tembo granted the couple divorce and ordered Nyendwa to compensate Kaonga with K10,000.


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