Court defends appointment of administrator




THE Chilenje Local Court has upheld the appointment of a female student as administrator over her later father’s property.

Barbara Kabamba,44, of Chilenje township was sued by Peter Kabokoshi,65, a retired head teacher of Luapula.

Kabokoshi told senior local court magistrate Ackim Phiri sitting with presiding local court magistrate Patrick Nyirenda that he and other family members were not present when Kabamba was chosen as an administrator.

Kabokoshi said he was representing the aunt of the deceased who kept him in the village and took him to school.

“But  I do not  want Kabamba to be revoked but that another person should be added to control the managing of assets properly.

“They did not choose her with the consent of the whole family. We have found problems with her concerning the managing of assets,” he said.

“She started selling some properties and sharing money without the consent of the people who are deserving,” he said.

But in defence Kabamba said the deceased was her father who passed on in 2015.

Kabamba said she was chosen as an administrator by her siblings and other relatives.

“We sold the house in Woodlands and shared the money among all the eight children.  Each got an equal share,

“We sold that house because of disputes, we were born from different mothers and it was difficult to keep the house,” she said.

 She said there was no surviving spouse and the parents of her late father were both dead.

“What I know is that the property belongs to us the children and the dependents our father was keeping. I have handled my responsibility transparently. I want the court to tell us the way forward,” she said.

The court dismissed the claim saying all the assets and property belonged to the children.


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