‘LEAVE KALU ALONE’ – like any Zambian, Bwalya is entitled to ambitions and is perfectly free to re-contest the CAF seat


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ZAMBIA’S soccer icon Kalusha Bwalya is being judged unfairly by some people who have forgotten his contributions to the development of football in the nation, says soccer analyst Michael Muchinga.

Muchinga said as a person, Bwalya was entitled to ambitions and was perfectly free to re-contest the CAF seat.

“Saying Kalusha Bwalya is greedy is not fair to the man who has greatly contributed to the development of football in Zambia,” said Muchinga

In an interview with the Sun Sport Muchinga said that just like many Zambians, Bwalya was also entitled to ambitions, adding that there was nothing wrong with him taking on the CAF seat.

 “I have heard others say that by virtue of Andrew Kamanga being FAZ president he is automatically the candidate to stand. What levels of naivety, Andrew is eligible to stand on the basis that he is,

“Truth be told, if FAZ does not want to endorse Kalusha let it be out of merit and not hate or in a scheme to teach Bwalya a lesson, FAZ will talk about the integrity checks, what are they looking at…how will they conduct them without bias?,” asked Muchinga

He said recently a phone conversation was released of someone who claimed to be a senior FAZ official assuring that people who had been banned by CAF even when their suspension was lifted on appeal would be subjected to integrity tests.

“Is this transparency or a targeted test? Where are the journalists to probe these sentiments? Why are they quiet? Are they part of the ploy to just interview and give coverage to anti-Kalusha sentiments only?” he asked.

He said that as much as Kamanga had ambitions, he should know that at this point he could not win the CAF seat, adding that Kalusha was better placed to win it.

He explained Bwalya contested the CAF position as chosen by the executive committee in 2011 and won by a landslide and later retained his seat in 2016,an indication that he was popular on the continent.


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