Wife forgives ‘jumpy’ husband


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CEASAR MBEWE writes                                                                         

A GARDEN boy of Lusaka’s Foxdale area who has three girlfriends has every reason to thank the Kanyama Local Court for helping him to reconcile with his wife despite the anguish he subjected her to with his promiscuity.

A remorseful Regan Siamaundu, 25, sought the intervention of the court after his wife Rosemary Moonga, 24, refused to reconcile with him over his multiple mistresses.

The two got married in 2015 with the bride price being one cow and K1,800.

But Siamaundu only managed to pay the cow.

The couple have one child.

Siamaundu narrated before the court that all was well in their marriage but problems began on the August 15, 2018 when he impregnated another woman from the neighpourhood.

He said he accepted the pregnancy and had spoken with his wife who seemed to understand the situation, but she would insult him whenever the two had an argument.

Siamaundu said Moonga used to threaten to kill herself every time they quarrelled.

In her statement Moonga said on unknown date in April, 2018 her husband got paid and forced her to go to Kabwe to see his sister.

While she was there her husband brought another woman in their house and it was not the first or second time but third time he was bringing different women.

Moonga said her neighbour told her about the woman and when she asked her husband on the phone he started to insult her and threatened to divorce her.

“It’s me who should have brought my husband to court. He has three girlfriend and has managed to impregnate two of them.

“I have evidence with photos of him with these different women. He treats them better than me by far. I have taken him to the Victim Support Unit hoping he would change but he is getting worse. I had left him but his relatives begged me to come back because I was pregnant,” Moonga said.

She said her husband took advantage of her because when he was marrying her she already had two children.

“Every time I go to the village when I return I find women’s underwear, human hair pins and bras. When I ask he rushes to threatening to beat me. I am the one who is supposed to bring him to court, not him,” Moonga said.

Local court magistrate Mubukwanu Matalaka counselled the couple and advised Siamaundu to change his ways and apologise to his wife.

She said if he did not change his wife had a right to sue for divorce because no normal woman can continue to leave with such a careless person.


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