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REAL Nakonde is not involved in the reported scam unearthed by FAZ in which some division one clubs are using forged players identification cards to fulfil fixture, says club secretary Roy Nyambe.
Nyambe said Nakonde has since written to FAZ, exculpating itself from the reported scam because it had nothing to do with it.
FAZ general secretary Adrian Kashala told a press briefing on Monday that it had unearthed a scam in which some Division One clubs were using forged cards to fulfill fixtures.
Kashala said that the association had so far confiscated 12 cards from three division one cubs in Muchinga Province involving Tazara Rangers, Real Nakonde and Riverside.
But Nyambe maintained the reported forgery scam of player identification cards by the FAZ, had nothing to do with Nakonde.
He said his Club was ignorant on the matter, explaining however that as it was the Coach that travelled with the team to Kabwe without any club official.
Nyambe told the Sun Sport that the Club had written a letter to FAZ to clear its name from the alleged scam.
He said that the alleged scam was mere witch-hunting by some people targeted to punish his club.
“We know how this accusation was made and we know who the target is, and I suspect that someone must have infiltrated our camp because we have been in existence for a long time and we have never been involved in such a thing,’’ he said.
Nyambe said he aware that other Clubs mentioned in the alleged scam were fall guys because the target was Real Nakonde.
“In fact this fight has been there for some time if you know what I mean, the FAZ judicial bodies work under instruction. ‘Tikambe bwanji because whatever explanation we can give will not be taken as truth. They just want t to punish us,
“We wrote to FAZ yesterday that we have suspended the coach and we shall investigate further and once we find out what transpired we should be able to write back to FAZ and explain to them, but as things stand the Club is not involved,” said Nyambe
The Club has since suspended its coach Emmanuel Chimfwembe in connection with the alleged forged player identification cards.


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