Woman discovers used condoms in hubby’s pockets


A woman in Ndola has painfully narrated in a local court that her husband started sleeping with other women because she failed to conceive within a year of their marriage.

She stunned the audience when she revealed that at one time she found used condoms in his trousers.

Naomi Ngulube 28 of Chufubu Township has sued her husband Jeremy Chumpuka 26 of the same township for marriage recAonciliation.

She took the matter to court for reconciliation because of deepening differences in their home.

She told the court that they got married in October 2017 and had one child together.

Ms Ngulube said when they got married they lived well until the husband started demanding that they should have a child.

She said her husband kept on complaining that people were mocking him that his wife was not giving him children.

The case came before Chifubu Local Court presiding magistrate Besa Kalwa Mushibwe sitting with Kaala Namangolwa Nyambe and Paul Kayula.

“I told my husband that I was not at fault because I have already given birth to two children before I married him. I just asked for more time because I knew that God was going to give us a child,” she said.

She said the husband started drinking recklessly and beating her each time he came back home drunk.

Ms Ngulube said one day, he beat her and tossed her outside the house while she was naked and that she was only rescued by their landlord who gave her a ‘chitenge’ material to cover and took her in for the night.

She said the two of them went on separation until both families sat down and got back together again.

“When I became pregnant in 2018, I thought the situation would change but it just worsened. He started sleeping with different women and would come back home and tell me about everything,” she said.

She said her husband would come back home around 03:00 hours with used condoms in his pocket and different phone numbers for women written on pieces of paper.

Ms Ngulube said at times the man would leave the house around 03:00 hours, claiming he was checking on the dogs.

She said she found love messages from a woman named Natasha and she decided to call her using a different line.

“Natasha admitted being in a relationship with my husband but when I questioned him about her, he beat me up asking me why I spoke to her,” she said.

In his statement, Mr Chumpuka said they lived well until his wife started disrespecting him.

He told the court that he works at one of his uncle’s bars and that they normally knock off late because they would have to ensure they close the bar after all the patrons have left.

“Whenever I came back home around 03:00hours, she would get upset and shout at me which was so disrespectful,” he said.

He said the wife was a jealousy person that she frequently inspected his phone and would call the numbers to ask recipients what sort of relationship they had with him.

“Concerning Natasha your honour, she was just a customer at the bar and she wanted a certain song. We only exchanged numbers because I needed to send her the song she wanted and that’s how my wife saw the messages and got upset,” he said.

He told the court that he interacted with many women because of the nature of his job and that the situation was unavoidable.

In passing judgment, the court counselled the couple and ordered them to report back to court after a month for feedback.


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