Female teacher divorced over Face book love messages


A LUSAKA female teacher has been divorced in the Boma local court over Face Book love messages to her boyfriend.

Sylvia Kapasa, 40, of Garden compound was sued by her husband Philip Daka, 44, businessman also of the same compound for being promiscuous.

Daka told local court Magistrate Ngandwe Mukuka sitting with Magistrate Martha Tembo that he married Kapasa in 1998 in Luanshya but later moved to Lusaka in 2000.

“When I married my wife, she was staying home but I decided to take her to college to study teaching, but problems in our marriage started in 2016, when my business collapsed. I sold my car in order to resurrect my business,

“My wife does not respect me now because I don’t have a lot of money and because my business is not doing fine at the end of 2018,I found love messages on my wife’s face book account, ”Daka said.

He told the court that his wife sent love messages to another man and when he asked her about him, she told him he was just a friend.

“After some days I found another message asking her to have I cautioned my wife and blocked the man’s WhatsApp number, I didn’t pressure her because she was pregnant and about to go in labour,” Daka said.

He was shocked the other day when his wife gave her boyfriend his number who later called and started insulting him.

“When I complained to my wife she moved from our bedroom to the children’s room where I found her talking to her boyfriend,

“On seeing me, she ran out of the room shouting that she didn’t want marriage anymore and that I should leave her alone,” Daka said.

He told the court that Kapasa put a picture of her boyfriend on her face book profile.

But in defence Kapasa said her husband was a womanizer who she hoped would change for better but all was in vain.

“He used to leave me alone in the house while I was pregnant to chase after other women .When he bought a car he started misbehaving, at one time I found packets of used condoms in his car,

“My husband doesn’t want me, he refuses to sleep with me, we have no relationship. He doesn’t respect me as his wife, he insults me in the presence of our children,” Kapasa said.

She explained that when Daka found the messages on my phone, he over reacted and started insulting the other man, and called her a prostitute.

The court granted divorce without compensation and ordered the couple to share property equally and advised Daka to maintain his five children.


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