Nifty welder ordered to pay colleague K1, 100


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A Lusaka welder who reportedly swindled his colleague, in a doors and window frames making deal, has been ordered to compensate him K1, 100 by the Boma local court.

Senior local court magistrates, Ngandwe Mukuka and Martha Tembo, ordered Feeswell Chilolya, 44, of Makeni Bonaventure to pay the money to Geoffrey Mwaba, 45, also a welder of John Laing compound.

Mr. Mwaba explained that he invited Mr. Chilolya, whom he found making gates,  to join him undertake a windows and door frames making job worthy K3, 000 on December 12, 2018 but that he got the payment and refused to give him his share of the money.

“We agreed on K3, 000 payment for the job. I worked for some days but while I was away attending to other issues, Chilolya took my machines and started working,” Mr. Mwaba said.

“He didn’t give me down payment and because the job was not finished, I asked him to pay me K1, 500,”Mwaba said.

“I asked him for my K1, 500 but he refused to pay me and I reported the matter to the police where we were advised to take the matter to court since we couldn’t agree,” Mr. Mwaba said. 

“I want him to pay me K1, 500 for the job and because he used my machines when I was away,” Mr. Mwaba said. 

But in his defense, Mr. Chilolya said that Mr. Mwaba did not contribute much to the work because he only worked a day and was away most of the time.

“I worked with Mwaba the first day, he asked to go and collect some things from home, I allowed him and continued working alone,” Mr. Chilolya said. 

“He continued asking for time off to attend to other businesses and I allowed him,” he said.

Mr. Chilolya said that he refused to pay Mr. Mwaba the K1, 500 because, in his view, he did not contribute much to doing the job.

“I can only pay him K900,” he said. 

The court however ordered him to pay Mr. Mwaba K1, 100.


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