Local court reconciles quarreling couple


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THE Chilenje local court has reconciled a marriage in which the wife was accused of having a lover.

Before magistrate Hildah Choonya sitting with Ackim Phiri was Trophy Njobvu, 39, of Zani Muone who was sued by Ennie Mbewe, 31 for immorality.

The two got married in 2017 and have four children.

Mbewe told the court that Njobvu had accused her of having a lover and that was the source of their problems.

“Ever since I had my last child he does not talk to me and he has never touched the child,  I want to go back to my home and give my Njobvuanother chance” said Mbewe

Njobvu told the court that Mbewe would steal money from him even after giving her some for home upkeep.

“After she had our last child I would get sick every time we had sex, I was only given Panadol and brufen at the hospital I even went to see a witch doctor,

“ I later found the same man’s number in her phone but I ignored it, I asked her uncle to come so that she can go for counselling but he denied saying I  just wanted to bring another woman,

“He later came and got all her belongings. I told her that her uncle and his wife to sleep in the bedroom. I even slept with another woman to see if I would get sick,” he said

Njovu said he wanted his wife back so that they drink the medicine together because  when he went to the hospital they found nothing wrong with him.

The court reconciled the couple and advised them to identify their problems and later sit down and talk to each other.

It further advised them that communication was important when things went wrong. It also advised Ndhlovu not to be sleeping with other women.

“Build your partner, do not take marital problems outside, look for counsellors so that you both learn , admit your mistakes and ask for forgiveness and do not bring things up when you forgive each other,” said Magistrate Choonya


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