Sexual enhancing drugs are potentially dangerous


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The tendency by some women to use sex enhancing herbs, like inserting tobacco snuff, popularly referred to as ‘nsunko’ into their private parts, to promote dryness in order to please the menfolk, is very worrisome.

We call it worrisome because the women, in most cases, do it out of ignorance, desperation, and for the simple reason of pleasing, not themselves, but the menfolk while subjecting their bodies to harmful substances.

As Emmanuel Chanda, the Eastern province HIV and AIDS coordination advisor, also observes, the insertion of strange chemical substances into private parts has potential to cause cancer.

We always need to keep in mind that although herbal remedies, such as nsunko, may initially seem harmless and give us the impression that they work, medical studies indicate that they could be potentially dangerous to persons who use them over time and their effects may be irreversibly harmful.

The danger with some of the herbal remedies or concoctions we seem to trust, to the extent of inserting them into private parts, are simply herbs passed on down by ancestors, and no one knows their hygiene standards, safety, effectiveness or how they affect our health.

Unfortunately, most of us, particularly our rural-based women folk, seem to seriously place their trust in herbal remedies for regular health care, more than they regard conventional medicines. Experience has so far shown that they would rather use herbal concoctions to deal with spiritual issues and physical limitations.

“All I have to do is mix it with lukewarm water a couple of hours before being intimate with my partner, and then insert it in my private parts. It works like a charm,” said one an unidentified women.

But, in our view, this is kind of trust in herbs is dangerous because the female private part is sensitive, often prone to infection and an organ one should never subject to strange or dangerous substances without running the risk of catching a life-threatening infection or disease.

Many things we take for granted can easily cause infection to our private parts. Therefore, our advice, specially to our womenfolk using nsunko as a sexual booster is that, it is always better for people to first seek medical treatment before resorting to using herbals.

Every spiritual or physical limitation has a conventional remedy.


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