Man caged for stealing K10 airtime


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POLICE in Lusaka have arrested a 34-year old man for stealing airtime worthy K10.00.

A check by The Sun team at Makeni’s Villa Lucia Police Post confirmed the suspect, identified as Person Kache of Lusaka West, is in custody for theft of airtime.

Sources revealed that police arrested Mr. Kache after a complaint of theft by Mr. Fredrick Namonda, 38, of Lusaka West.

According to Mr. Namonda, Mr. Kache requested to use his phone on February 25, 2019, after recharge it with K2 talk time.

Mr. Namonda said

Mr. Namonda said however, that after getting the phone, Mr. Kache borrowed extra talk time worthy K10 using his (Mr. Namonda) account, which he transferred into his account without permission.

He said he phoned the Airtel Customer Care, after noticing he was owing on is account, and it confirmed that he had borrowed airtime and transferred it into Kache’s account.

“I checked my balance immediately Kache left and discovered that l was awing Airtel K 11 when l did not borrow any air time. So I knew he tricked me,” said Mr. Namonda.

“I called Kacha but he totally refused and switched off his phone,” he said.

Mr. Namonda explained that it was at that point he decided to look for Mr. Kache whom he later handed over to the police after locating him at Lusaka West.

Mr. Kache has accepted using Mr. Namonda’s phone to borrow talk time without his consent and has accordingly apologized for his action.

But Mr. Namonda has insisted the case should still go to court in order to send a strong signal to other people.

“This guy might have swindled a lot of people. I do not know him, I simply wanted to assist him and yet he decided to steal from me,” he stated.

“I want this matter to go to court so it could send a strong message to would be offenders. Who knows, he may be one of the persons stealing from innocent Zambians by asking them to send money to unknown numbers,” said Mr. Namonda.

Efforts by Kache’s father, Mr. Simon Kache, to plead for lenience for his son, fell on deaf ears as Mr. Namonda was uncompromising.

Police have opened a docket for the case and Mr. Kache is likely to appear in court soon.


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