Promiscuous wife divorced



A HOUSEWIFE of Mikango area who loved getting money from her boyfriends has been divorced in the Chilenje Local Court

Lewis Kawela 31, Palabana has divorced his wife Rachel Banda, 23,Mikango after being in marriage for six years and have two children together.

Kawela told Magistrate Ackim Phiri sitting with Magistrate Francesca Zulu that he wanted to divorce Banda because she told him that boyfriends gave more money than him.

“She also refuses me to bring one of my relative’s child saying ‘anizamupaila kutulo’, she told me that I can go sleep with as many women that I want,

“She refuses to visit my relatives and usually talks to her boyfriend and asks me if I want to talk to them,” said Kawela”.

She talks about committing suicide and refuses to work in the garden, we have sat down to resolve but nothing is changing, .

 Kawela said he did not want to give Banda another chance because he stopped looing her when she started speaking of her boyfriends.

“I want the court to dissolve the marriage,” pleased Kawela

But Banda said that she still loved her husband and did not want the marriage to end because of their children.

“We had been happy until September 2018 when he went to visit his relatives for a week without telling me where he was , after a  week he came back saying he got married,

“After four months they moved to Palabana and he only came back to tell me that I should go back to my parents’ house,  the marriage has ended. I do not know what devil has entered him and lead him to go and marry another woman, I still love him and it’s up to him,” she said.

The court ordered the marriage to be dissolved.

“You two do not get along. there is no love here. If you love a woman even if you find a problem you will try by all means to sort it out, this just shows that there is no love,”” said Magistrate Phiri

 He said the court could not force the marriage on them as there was a possibility they might poison each other and leave children alone to suffer.

“You will compensate Banda with K6, 000, in monthly instalments effective February 28 and children below 7 years will stay with their mother.  You will give them K300 per month in support which is subject to review every year,” said Magistrate Phiri


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