‘My husband demands sex daily over 3 times’




A woman has complained in a local court that her husband has an insatiable sexual desire and would have sex with her on more than three occasions in a day.

She stunned the court when she narrated that her husband would order her to stop whatever she would be doing and get her into bed for prolonged sexual encounters.

Juwase Banda 30 of Twapia overspill sued her husband Jackson Nkhuwa 38 of the same township for divorce because she could not stand the gruelling sexual appetite, although she had endured it since 2006 when they got married.

The Mapalo Local court has thus saved her from the tiring sexual acts by granting divorce from her husband, who apparently pleaded not to be separated from his submissive wife.

Ms Banda narrated in a fully-packed court that the two were married in 2006 and have three children but that her husband would demand for sex even when she was menstruating.

She complained that her husband used her as a sex object.

“Your Honour am tired of this marriage, he always wants to have sex with me three times a day sometimes even more than three times,” she said.

Ms Banda said the husband was never satisfied no matter how many times he had sex with her and would continue demanding for more.

She said even if she was busy with household chores, she would stop and attend to his sexual desires.

The case came before presiding magistrate Chileshe Nsofu.

Ms Banda said her husband did not love her otherwise he was going to understand her pain and that he was just using her as a sex object.

In his defence, Mr Nkhuwa said he always wanted to have sex with his wife in order for him not to go other women.

He said he loved his wife and did not want to divorce her and added that she too enjoyed his sexual drive.

In passing judgment, the local court dissolved the marriage on grounds that there was no love and that the woman was just being used as a sex object.

The court ordered Mr Nkhuwa to compensate his wife K5,000 in monthly instalments of K500 and a further K400 per month for maintenance of children.



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