Completion of Chilanga’s mini-hospital elate residents


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RESIDENTS of Chilanga constituency have expressed happiness at the completion of one of the first ever three mini-hospitals being constructed in the area.

According to area member of Parliament, Maria Langa, one of the first ever three mini-hospitals being constructed in Chilanga constituency, Nakachenje ward is almost completed and will be operational next month.

Ms Langa disclosed this on Saturday after she toured and inspected construction works.

Commenting on the development, one of the resident Roleen Liboma told the Sun that the completion of the first ever mini-hospital was overdue.

Ms Liboma said the new medical facility by constructed by government would ease hours spent by the people of Chilanga to travel long distances to access medical services.

“The announced completion of a mini-hospital is good news more especially to us women who used to travel long distances to access medical attention. This is really good and we thank government for that,” Ms Liboma said.

Ms Liboma added, “Another benefit that the facility will provide job creation for the youths as others will be employed as cleaners, guards among others.”

Government through the Ministry of Health last year commissioned the construction of 3 mini-hospitals in Chilanga district at Nakachenje, Tubalenge and Mundengwa wards.

Ms Langa, who was accompanied by Chilanga district council chairperson Anne Brown, expressed happiness that one of the mini-hospitals allocated to her constituency would be operational next month.

She explained that the mini-hospital would have a theatre, an outpatient department and other medical equipment required at the art health centre.

Ms Langa said once open, the mini-hospital would go a long way in addressing the health needs of the people of Chilanga and reduce referral cases to Kanyama level one hospital.

“In Chilanga constituency around Mumbwa road, the first medical facility is accessed in Kanyama and the next is in Mwembeshi which is far away so the completion of this mini-hospital in Nakachenje ward which will be opened next month will bring to an end the problem the people here are faced with in accessing health services.

“This mini-hospital will be have all the facilities needed at the hospital such as maternity ward, isolation wards, x-ray, well-equipped laboratory, pharmacy, staff houses among other things,” Ms Langa said.

She disclosed that she had lobbied government for a number of projects since she became a representative of Chilanga constituency and promised to do more.

Ms Langa disclosed that once the rains was over, the dilapidated roads in her constituency will be worked on.

The 3 min-hospitals in Chilanga are constructed by Suscom Construction Company.


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