Kaunda Square traders ask for better shelter



SOME marketeers of Kaunda Square stage 2 market have called on the Lusaka City Council (LCC) to electrify the market and provide proper shelter for the market.

The marketeers complained that the market since inception has not had shelter a situation they described as unfortunate.

One marketeer, Rosemary Kaindu said that it is not easy to operate in a market that does not have proper shelter especially in the rain season.

Mrs. Kaindu said that rains leak through the market roof because of the numerous holes that the roofing sheets that the shelter is covered with.

She said that the shelter that also does not have a concrete floor, stores rain water thereby making it difficult to operate business effectively.

“Business is slow in this market because even customers avoid coming here to buy our vegetables because they also avoid stepping into mud and water,” she said.

She said that the place becomes flooded like it was an outside place stressing that it takes days for the ground to get dry.

She narrated that the market shelter most of the times smells inside because it is never dry but always wet because it never gets to dry.

She said that this is dangerous and worrying at the same time because they may catch diseases.

Another marketeer, felistus Kaziya complained that it is difficult to sell in a shelter that is not electrified because customers usually desist buying in the evenings.

“We are also forced to knock off early from our stands because the shelter becomes very dark and we get scared that we may be attacked by dangerous insects due to its deplorable state,” Mrs. Kaziya stated.

And Lusaka City Council Public Relations Manager Mr. George Sichimba said that the council is aware of the challenges the marketeers are faced with at the market.

Mr Sichimba said that the council will see to it that the market shelter is rehabilitated to good standards so that marketeers can be operating their business in a conducive environment.

He also said that the stated market will soon be electrified stating that the process has already started.

He however called on marketeers to remain patient as the local authority is doing everything it can to see to it that the market is renovated to decent standards. Bicycle accident


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