Hubby inserts abortion pills in wife’s vagina, court hears




A 31 YEAR old woman of Kamanga compound explained to the Chelstone Local Court how her husband inserted suspected abortion pills into her vagina craftily to terminate her pregnancy.

This is in a case where Mrs. Carol Mbewe sued Mr. Morris Banda, 35, her husband of nine years for marriage reconciliation.

MS. Mbewe narrated to a stunned local court that problems in their marriage begun in 2010 when Mr. Banda started spending most of the nights out and when she discovered that he was HIV positive even before he married her.

“In 2011, my husband left the bedroom and started sleeping in the living room and seeing that it was not normal, I reported the issue to the Victim Support Unit where he was rebuked and came back to the bedroom,” she explained.

She said that despite being rebuked by the VSU, he continued spending nights out and spending money on other women.

She further explained to the court that her husband had a girlfriend who was pregnant in Chainda compound who also insults her on the phone and that he also takes her to the matrimonial home.

She disclosed that her husband has got a habit of pushing fingers in her vagina and that he at one time inserted pills that terminated her pregnancy.

“I was treated at Chelstone clinic and since then, I have to beg him to make love to me. We have now stayed for five months without having sex,” Mbewe said.

But Mr. Banda dismissed all the claims with an explanation that when marrying Mbewe, she promised to take care of his children from his previous marriage but mistreated them instead.

He said that his wife also had a problem of going to church every day in the morning, afternoon and evening, thereby neglecting house chores.

He disclosed that he on two occasions found his wife with another man in the house and that when he asked, she told him that he was her friend’s boyfriend.

He however admitted impregnating another woman, and said that he wanted to be in a polygamous marriage.

But Mrs. Mbewe insisted that she wanted a divorce because she could not stay in a polygamous marriage.

The court   ruled a failed reconciliation because Mrs. Mbewe did not want a polygamous marriage.


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