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A CHONGWE-based prophet has been banned from practicing pastoral activities for allegedly impregnating a grade 12 pupil.

The 25 year old man of God, from Inspiration Embassy Church, is reported to have had sex with the girl while her aunt was at work.

A source from the Chongwe Pastors’ Fellowship confirmed the prophet’s ban yesterday.

“Yes, he has been banned. We got the report about his impregnating the school girl from the girl herself and her family, but that’s just one of the cases of misconduct that we have received about him,” said another pastor who did not want to be named.

He added that, “His church has also already been notified about our decision.”

Efforts to interview the prophet about the ban and the pregnancy allegations failed as he kept cutting the calls.

But the girl, who is now two months pregnant, explained to The Lusaka Sun in an exclusive interview in Chongwe that the prophet had sex with her after some struggle in her aunt’s house.

She said that the man of God went to the house while her aunt was at work but started fondling her while they were seated in the living room.

She narrated that, “He stood up and asked me to follow him into the bedroom and I did because I was sort of confused. We struggled for some time when I realised what he wanted to do but he overpowered me.”

“I called him twice that I had missed my periods but he just kept assuring me that they would come,” she said.

According to the girl, the prophet later invited her and her aunt to his home where he offered them a K400 to go and have the pregnancy aborted but she turned down the request.

“He told me to abort so that his name could not be tarnished by the pregnancy, but I told him that I did not want to die, and that I would rather give birth and then return to school,” stated the girl who also disclosed that the prophet phones her every once in a while to inquire about her condition.

The girl also revealed that the prophet now appears to have accepted the pregnancy and that he has already even paid a K200 to her family to accept responsibility.

And an aunt of the 18 year old also confirmed the girl’s pregnancy and that the prophet was the one responsible.

“He was our pastor and we had a lot of respect for him. He used to come home and he would eat with us,” she said.

She also claimed the prophet forced himself on the girl, who was then home alone, after her younger sister asked him to go there and eat some food after he complained of being hungry.

“He went home and she made him a cup of tea and it was after the tea that he forced himself on the young girl,” explained the aunt.

 “At first he refused but he later accepted. We even informed our parents and they called him for questioning and he accepted,” she said about the girl’s pregnancy.

The aunt also revealed she was one of the women in the church whom the prophet had taken advantage of and convinced to have sex with.


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