Ndola residents get clean-up ultimatum


NDOLA residents have two weeks to clean up their surroundings and drainage system before the city authority sets inspectors on them.

Ndola Mayor Amon Chisenga said the local authority will in two weeks’ time start house inspections to ensure that residents abide by the presidential directive of keeping their surroundings clean, green and healthy.

 ZANIS reports that Mr. Chisenga said this when he presented a floating trophy to Grace Kayula of Northrise, whose house was voted the cleanest for this month.

 He said it was disappointing that people resist cleaning surroundings especially outside their fences but instead wait for the local authority to do it for them.

 Mr. Chisenga reiterated that the local authority will never clean people’s surroundings but will instead carry out house inspections.

 And Yengwe ward councilor Arnold Mwamba, who is the initiator of the floating trophy, said the programme of recognising clean households is meant to encourage people to keep their premises well-kept.

 Mr. Mwamba said he will endeavor to keep his ward clean in line with the presidential directive.

 Meanwhile, Grace Kayula, whose house emerged the cleanest in January and got the floating trophy, said the award has challenged her to work harder. – ZANIS.


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