Artists united against gender violence


Terence Miselo Writes

OVER 50 musicians and media personnel last week attended training on gender-based violence and awareness organized by Oxfam at Lusaka’s Twangale Park.

The three day workshop, held under the ‘I Care about Her Campaign’programme, was intended to encourage the participants to advocate against gender-based violence.

Themed ‘men let’s create a violent free Zambia for women and girls’, the workshop tried to orient participants on how they can undertake the anti-gender-based violence campaign in the course of their work.

“They taught us how we can use music for positive change, how we can compose gender-friendly songs, and take active roles in denouncing gender violence and many others vices,” he said.

OXFAM gender ambassador, musician Brian Bweembya, aka B-Flow was the main trainer together with Mrs. Faides Nsofu from Oxfam.

“I told Oxfam that ‘I Care about Her Campaign’ can only create more impact if more voices are involved because every artist has a constituency that the can influence,” B-Flow stated.

“Our desire is to work with more artistes to champion involved in championing against gender-based violence, and hope more people will make themselves available next time,” he stated.


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