Lusaka man fined K7, 000 for adultery



A MAN of Lusaka has been fined K7, 000 in the Local Court for committing adultery with another man’s wife.

Moses Mvula, 48 was ordered to pay the money after he was successfully sued by Franco Maswabi, 49, of Mtendere East for sleeping with his wife Beatrice Banda.

Maswabi told the Chelstone Local Court that, Mvula came to his place on January 6, 2018 to tell him that he was the one that had been going out with his wife and that they were together during the festive period.

He also told court that the day he went to serve the summons he found Mvula wearing his wife’s T-shirt.

Mvula said he had been dating Banda, 38, also from Mtendere East since 2013 to date and even had intentions of marrying her.

In his defence, Mvula said he was the one who had been paying rentals for Banda all this time.

“If Maswabi is the husband of Banda then where has he been all this time?” he asked

Beatrice Mvula who is legally married to Mvula, testified that she was on separation from him for two months now.

She said that she got married to him on February 2 2017, since then they had been staying together until they separated in October.

“Mvula was charged K1, 800 as bride price but he only paid K400,” she said.

Masabwi is claiming K10, 000 as compensation but the court reduced it to K7, 000 after it found him guilty of committing adultery with the plaintiff’s wife.

Local presiding Justice Namangala who presided over the case, ordered Mvula to pay Maswabi an initial K2000 while the balance to be paid in monthly instalments of K700 with effect from February.

Mvula was charged with K7, 000 and the first instalment to be paid is K2, 000 thereafter K700 with effect from February 28, 2019.

He was also ordered to pay Banda K3, 000 with an initial down payment of K1, 000 followed by monthly instalments of K500 with effect from February 28.


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