Local artistes grace Lusaka Sun launch



RENOWNED Zambian musicians on Monday night entertained guests during the launch of one of the country’s promising publications, the Lusaka Sun Newspaper based in Lusaka’s showgrounds.

Among those who were at hand to entertain the guests was songbird Wezi who gave an intriguing ‘live-music’ performance at an event graced by Information and Broadcasting Services Minister Dora Siliya, as well as other high profile business people.

Others on hand to entertain the audiences was one of Zambia’s oldest and most celebrated bands Amayenge Asoza headed by Allice Chali after taking over from her late husband Chris.

The band leader was on the same evening given tribute by the government through Ms Siliya who told Alice that she was considered as a successful business woman as it was not easy for a woman to run a music band like she had done.

A sexy-dressed Dambisa was also part of the audience that witnessed the launch of what newspaper Executive Editor Mary Mbewe described as the people’s publication regardless of one’s race, tribe or religion.

Chester and his dancing queens also gave a stimulating performance to the amusement of the guests who appeared to have been enjoying not only the performances, but the ice-cold beverages and food, curtsey of the Sun crew.


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